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Friday, January 29, 2010

Tyra Banks Announces Plus-Sized Teen Model Search

Tyra Banks Announces Plus Sized Teen Model Search   hot models

That’s right – Tyra’s new show: “Fiercely Real Teen Model Search”

From NBC:

Tyra rightly points out that the average woman’s size in America is 12-14 — not exactly the 0-2 you often see on the runway, so she’s kicking off the Fiercely Real Teen Model Search to select six finalists that will appear on the The Tyra Show (which is in its final season). There’ll be Top Model-esque challenges involved, and the winner will receive Top Model-esque prizes like a contract with Wilhelmina, a spread in a magazine, a photo shoot, and even a whole day with Tyra herself.

On the one hand, this seems like a brilliant way to take advantage of a cultural moment (i.e. plus-size models suddenly getting the fashion spotlight), but on the other hand, it seems like a way to take advantage while avoiding making plus-size models, oh, the center of an actual TV show, as opposed to a segment on a TV show currently in its last season. Why not devote an entire season of Top Model to plus-size ladies? There’ve already been winning plus-size gals on the show, and we’d certainly tune in.

What does Tara have to say about her initiative? Here it is:

“Plus-sized tends to have a negative connotation and I want young girls to realize that what’s considered plus-sized is the average American woman.”

“That woman is healthy, fit and beautiful. Adolescence is such an impressionable time in a young woman’s life, and I hope this contest helps teen girls discover their own beauty from the inside out.”

P.S.: Like many of you, I don’t like the use of “real” as synonym for “plus-size”. All sizes are real sizes.

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