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Friday, January 29, 2010

Did Cheryl Cole Get a ‘Makeover’?

Did Cheryl Cole Get a Makeover?  cheryl cole

Makeover (or makeunder), meaning ‘plumper lips’ in this case.

The Daily Mail has this to say:

But this occasion, no garment, however outrageous, could have drawn attention away from Cheryl Cole’s alarmingly oversized lips.

The X Factor star’s mouth looked unusually plump as she arrived in London yesterday – prompting speculation that she has used Collagen injections.

Representatives of the Girls Aloud singer denied this was the case, saying ’she has definitely not’.

Did Cheryl Cole Get a Makeover?  cheryl cole

What does Cheryl think about plastic surgeries?

‘I wouldn’t deny it if I had cosmetic surgery. I wouldn’t just come out with big boobs and say, ‘No, I haven’t had an operation!

I think imperfections are sexy anyway, I honestly do,’ she continues. ‘If everyone looked perfect with a perfect face and perfect boobs, it wouldn’t be sexy as it’s not real life.

What do you guys think?

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