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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Brooke Hogan: ‘I’m not a size 2 and I never will be!’

Brooke Hogan: Im not a size 2 and I never will be!  brooke hogan

Brooke Hogan has a bikini spread in Life & Style and it’s an untouched-by-Photoshop spread. Let’s see why she chose to go the unphotoshopped way:

Brooke wishes cameras hadn’t been there to capture her vacation in Miami over New Year’s. During the getaway, the bikini-clad singer was caught in a series of unflattering poses. “They took the photos from a bad angle, and I was hunched over,” Brooke, 21, tells Life & Style. But the 5-foot-11 reality star and singer is proud of her body — and says that heavy-handed photoshopping is to blame for unrealistic expectations. “Whoever invented Photoshop was a genius, but it sets a bad example for what ‘healthy’ is,” says Brooke.

Brooke Hogan: Im not a size 2 and I never will be!  brooke hogan

That’s why she came to Life & Style to do a bikini shoot on Jan. 12 — with the agreement that the photos wouldn’t be retouched or altered in any way. So instead of relying on airbrushing, she’s proudly embracing her natural curves. “I’m not a size 2 and probably never will be,” she says. “That’s something I had to get out of my head a long time ago.”

Although she may never be a size 2, Brooke has recently managed to lose 15 pounds. And one person who thinks Brooke looks better than ever is her proud papa, Hulk Hogan. “Brooke is absolutely gorgeous and doesn’t need Photoshop,” Hulk tells Life & Style. “She’s been working her butt off.” Most important, she’s finally just plain happy with her figure. “I feel really confident and comfortable in my body,” she says. “I feel feminine. I even like myself naked in the mirror! There’s always room for improvement, but I really do love my body.”

Source: Life & Style Magazine

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