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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mila Kunis – Video and Interview for Esquire

Mila Kunis   Video and Interview for Esquire  mila kunis

Mila Kunis is in Esquire this month – here are some parts from the “12 things You didn’t Know About…” interview and later, one hot little video of Mila:

Aside from those eyes, she’s actually on the wee side.

Mila has got amazing eyes, caramel-colored and big. Really big. Immense. “Yes, I look like Japanimation,” she says. “I’m aware of that.” The rest of her, on the other hand, is small. “My friends call me Hobbit,” Mila says. “I come across as shorter than I am. People will say, ‘You’re not five foot four. And I’ll say, ‘People, I know my height.’ I’m constantly winning bets. Hundreds of dollars.”

She’s not buying the gossip on plastic surgery.

One site alleges Kunis had a nose job, even though the before and after photos look identical. “Where are my boobs? If I were going to get plastic surgery, I’d get some real work done.”

She can legitimately claim to be the young Angelina Jolie.

A fifteen-year-old Kunis starred as the younger version of Gia, the heroin-addicted bisexual model, in HBO’s biopic. Jolie played Gia as an adult. Kunis’s parents didn’t quite know quite how lurid the movie was until it came out. “They were like, ‘What did we put you in?!’ They were as dumbfounded as I was.”

She wants a better class of paparazzi.

“Sometimes I’ll get paparazzi, but it’s only because someone else was here before me, and I’m like, ‘Crap, I got the leftovers.’”

She wasn’t always American.

Mila grew up in the Ukraine, and didn’t taste American food until she was seven. “I remember having my first Coca-Cola at the Moscow airport. It was awful. I hated it. I’d never had fizzy water before; I’d had juice and water my whole life, and I just couldn’t understand it. Of course now I love me some Diet Coke.”

She’s not sure what to make of Megan Fox.

“She has a tendency to say absurd sh-t and then see what happens. I hope she’s fully consciously aware of what she’s doing, because if she is, she’s brilliant.”

She is super pretty (and funny, too)!

Now let’s watch the video:

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